This series of work is inspired by my unpleasant traveling experiences. One day during my last stay in Miami, my friend and I were trying to go to Little Havana. I set my final destination as “Little Havana” on the Uber app but we ended up in the middle of a residential area rather far away from the main street that most tourists go to. Similar incidents took place several times ever since. I then started to think about how maps decide the center of a certain area. I wonder if that piece of information is accurate or even meaningful at all.
In this series I initiate an investigation on the city of New York and Beijing and the areas within. I would search for the name of the city or area on Google Maps and head directly to the coordinates that the map provides. I would then walk in the vicinities and take pictures of objects and scenes that seem the most typical to that area.
Later in the editing process, I arranged each set of images into a collage by juxtaposing and overlapping parts of photos with similar visual elements. I was then able to create a forced consistency among each set of images based upon mere visual interests. By placing the collaged images onto the map, I deliberately put the two types of contrived reality in contrast with each other.
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